Wearing B.A.D. style

Here is Romana with her B.A.D. style bouse that she won at a giveaway on Anna's blog some time ago.
I love the way she styled it.Don't you?
Check out her blog here.

Have a great day!

Am primit aceste fotografii de la ROmana care a castigat aucm ceva timp o bluza B.A.D. style la un concurs pe blogul Annei.
Imi place foarte mult cum a ales sa o combine. 
Puteti sa arunctai o privire si pe blogul ei aici

O zi minunata va doresc!

A Perfect Manicure for Mom from Custom Nail Solutions for Mother’s Day

Give the gift of everlasting nail beauty this Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day (May 13th 2012) is right around the corner and many people are clueless about what to get mom on her special day! Not to worry! Custom Nail Solutions offers innovative kits that help moms achieve everlasting nail beauty and will help them always feel pretty and pampered. Many moms do not have the time nor the budget to make inconvenient and expensive nail salon appointments, although their hardworking hands and nails desperately need the extra care! Custom Nail Solutions kits solve these problems by giving mom custom-fit, everlasting nails that stay on much longer than regular nail polish and are hassle-free. Mom can apply the custom nails in the comfort of her home and on her own schedule. A Mother’s Day gift mom will truly cherish!

Custom Nail Solutions’ beautiful custom-fit nails help busy moms always feel primped and pretty without a trip to the salon

Wondering what moms really want this Mother’s Day? Everlasting nail beauty, of course! Moms everywhere are extremely busy and don’t have the time nor the budget to make inconvenient and expensive nail salon appointments. However, their hands and nails endure so much hardship and they deserve to always feel beautiful, primped, and pampered. This Mother’s Day, give mom the gift of her very own set of gorgeous nails custom-made just for her, thanks to the innovative nail system by Custom Nail Solutions.

A cosmetic dentist invented the concept of these nails. The nails are custom-fit from a personal impression, using dental putty, taken from each client’s individual nail beds which are as unique as a fingerprint. They will fit no one in the world but her. This patented, revolutionary nail product is sweeping the country with excitement and reinventing how women achieve nail beauty. Mom too can have a gorgeous set of nails as unique, beautiful, and remarkable as she is.

Custom Nail Solutions nails are made of an indestructible, high impact thermo-plastic guaranteed to never chip, break, crack, or change shape. They are removable, reusable, and will last mom’s lifetime. No more harsh grindings and filings exposing mom to harmful chemicals. Mom will also not be tied to regular visits spending hours at a salon.

Custom Nail Solutions offers a truly customizable approach, allowing mom to choose the nail length (Sport, Active, Fashion, or Glamour ranging from 3-8mm beyond the end of her natural nail), the smile line (Classic or Deep) and shape (Oval or Square). Designs included French-tipped or solid pink.

The process is easy! Order mom’s impression kit from CustomNailSolutions.com. Schedule her a professional manicure the day she will do her impressions. Have her follow the easy instructional DVD and booklet included in the impression kit. Then send in her completed impressions to Custom Nail Solutions’ headquarters.

Mom’s completed impression will be scanned by Custom Nail Solutions state-of-the-art laser system and sent through a detailed creation process. Her nails are then finished to the design she requested on her order form. If she ever loses a nail, no worries. The anatomy of mom’s nail beds is stored in Custom Nail Solutions database. The Custom Nail Solutions nails are created to fit mom’s natural nail anatomy with precision and accuracy.

Approximately within one week, mom’s custom-fit nails and Application and Removal Kit will be shipped. When the shipment arrives, she can use the convenient and exclusive Custom Nail Solutions stand for ease in applying polish to the nails. Mom may polish her custom-fit nails with any brand or color polish and apply nail art. Then it may be removed with nail polish remover and the Custom Nail Solutions nails will never stain. Then it’s just a matter of applying, enjoying and admiring the transformation! Mom will be able to have glamorous, natural-looking nails anytime, anywhere on her schedule.

Maintenance of mom’s Custom Nail Solutions nails is just as easy. The wear time of the custom nails is approximately 2-3 weeks. Once her natural nails have grown out, mom can use the quick and easy Soak Off Process to safely remove her custom nails. She can use the handy removal wand as she soaks her nails to gently detach the custom nails from the nail beds. She can also use the Soak Off Solution to clean residual glue from both her natural nails and her custom nails. The Ultra Sonic machine makes the removal process even easier, included in the Diamond Package and available for purchase anytime. She may also wear her custom nails for short wear times and special occasions. It’s that easy!

Custom Nail Solutions nails can be easily filed if mom wants to make any changes to her ordered length and shape. To prevent the annoying and frustrating yellowing and fading of nails, Custom Nail Solutions nails contain UV light protection so mom may tan in them and they are also antibacterial and antimicrobial.

The impression system and one set of custom-fit nails retails for $139 and comes with 10 finger trays, 2 spoons, 1 yellow impression material, 1 white impression material, instruction sheet, as well as mom’s beautiful complete custom nails and maintenance system. Orders can be placed online at CustomNailSolutions.com or by calling toll free at (877) 218-7788.

Considering the cost of repeatedly getting acrylics or gels put on and the inconvenience of having to go to a salon, Custom Nail Solutions is a steal and gives mom beautiful, natural-looking nails that she will forever love, custom made just for her. Mom may have beautiful salon-looking nails on her own schedule and in the comfort of her own home.

Press release provided by: Hollywood Communications PR
Photo Credit: Hollywood Communications PR

Custom-made Jewelry for Moms from Not Just Any Old Day

Becoming a mother changes every woman. There is something incredibly special about the mother/child relationship that only a mother can understand. This Mother’s Day (May 13th 2012) moms have a way to keep those closest to her close to her heart, always.

If you’re looking for a personalized piece to commemorate your baby’s or child’s birthdate with a truly one-of-a-kind style, Not Just Any Old Day (NotJustAnyOldDay.com) has just what you’re looking for. These amazing pieces of jewelry are unique to the wearer because each date is literally set in stone on each piece of jewelry. Celebrities such as Vivica Fox, Scott and Renee Baio, Marilu Henner, Deidra Hall and Antonio Sabato Jr., have been lining up to commemorate their special dates with Not Just Any Old Day.

The Key To My Heart plated calendar key with Swarovski crystal ($70) is a favorite among moms and comes with an attached heart charm, is available in four finishes and can be personalized with special heartfelt engraving on the back.

Gold Plated calendar key with Swarovski crystal ($60). A hip, stylish accessory that is not only beautiful but a wonderful conversation starter.

The Gold Plated Crown calendar ring with Swarovski crystal ($55) and the Gun Metal calendar ring with Swarovski crystal ($65). The first to launch the calendar ring, this ring is unique to Not Just Any Old Day. Incredibly sentimental and perfectly fit for mom, this might just be one of her most special pieces.

The Plated Keys Double Days ($110) features two calendar keys on one chain. Perfect for moms with more than one child because you have more than one special date to commemorate! Add as many keys as you need to show all your children they hold the key to your heart.

This special jewelry is as unique as the woman you love. This Mother’s Day she deserves something beautiful!

For more information, please visit NotJustAnyOldDay.com.

Press release provided by: Hollywood Communications PR
Photo Credit: Hollywood Communications PR

The perfect sunny Sunday

It's a beautiful sunny day and we are out shooting . 
The atmosphere is perfect, just like an outdoor party, but we are still working hard and also having fun, because we actualy enjoy our jobs.
Have a great day!

E o zi superba si noi suntem afara lucram la o sedinta foto.
Atmosfera e perfecta, ca la o petrecere in aer liber, dar totusi muncim cu drag deoarece chiar ne place jobul pe care il avem.
O zi minunata va doresc!

Color the world

We are about to color the world around us. Colors really make life more beautiful, they fill us with joy and energy.I am all about reds , oranges and all shades around the two, but it seems mint green has a new special place in my heart. Lots of textures and prints soon to be revealed.
A pretty little project that will come to life, well starting tomorrow.
Keep you posted!
Have a great weekend!

Suntem pe punctul de a colora lumea din jurul nostru. Culorile ne fac viata mai frumoasa, mai fericita si ne dau energie. Mie personal imi plac culorile calde, rosu, portocaliu si toate nuantele din jurul lor. Dar se pare ca in acest sezon m-a cucerit verdele menta. 
Multe texturi si imprimeuri de dezvaluit.
Va tin la curent!
Un weekend placut!

Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day from Isabelle Grace Jewelry

It’s never too early to think about spoiling the amazing mother in your life! This year, shower mom for Mother's Day (May 13th 2012) with jewelry that is as beautiful and as elegant as she is. Isabelle Grace Jewelry (IsabelleGraceJewelry.com) offers jewelry collections that are unique and personalized for each and every mom. Customized with names, dates and special messages, these necklaces and rings let mom keep her beloveds close to her heart at all times. Don’t just order another bouquet of flowers; give mom something extra special this year.

Bella Vita necklace ($255) reminds us how motherhood is transforming. Just like a butterfly goes through several stages of transformation, so do women starting as new moms.

Delaney necklace ($125) is demure and sophisticated, reminding us of classic Hollywood icons like Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe. Delaney necklace comes in sterling silver or vermeil, and you can accent it with your favorite stones.

Delilah necklace ($140). Part of the Hollywood vintage collection, Delilah features a timeless look and feel with beautifully engraved charms accented by your choice of semi-precious stones. Delilah is set in sterling silver or vermeil.

Hello Sunshine necklace ($130) is a great way to celebrate moms! Featuring a beautifully handcrafted sterling silver sun charm with the message “Oh Happy Day” on the front and “When You Came” on the back, this piece is sure to make you smile. It is especially good for adoptive moms, but will make any mom remember the special day their little one arrived.

Little Love necklace ($85) is the perfect sweetheart gift for anyone who wants to wear a cherished keepsake. Worn as a dangle, this charm is perfect for wearing solo adding to an existing necklace. Or, you can add a funky modern twist by wearing as a stationary charm necklace.

Circle of Love necklace ($185) says who you love with your special message inscribed by hand and enhanced with cubic zircons or birthstones. Like the circle itself, a mother’s love is never ending and wraps around her children completely. Allow her to display her un-ending love proudly around her neck.

Little Moon tag necklace ($130) is hand-inscribed with your loved one’s name and topped with a beautiful brushed matte finish. Add a stone charm to make it completely unique and one-of-a-kind, just like the woman wearing it.

Over the Moon necklace ($158). This beautiful charm necklace features the “Over the Moon” charm in sterling silver and 22kt gold with the message “Over The” on the front and “In Love” on the back and one gold letter initial. This sentiment perfectly describes how every mom feels about her children.

Name Charm Necklace with Gold Heart ($150). A great classic piece and a best seller! Charms are completely made and inscribed by hand of (.999) fine silver. The look is completed by applying a brushed matte finish. A favorite among Hollywood mommies, including Katherine Heigl, Danica McKellar and Jenna Fischer.

The Script Tall tags ($185) feature your special names/word and dates on the front and the back hand-inscribed with unique script handwriting. Edgy and chunky, these tags are modern and cool.

Signature Initial Dog tags ($195). The swanky version of the classic dog tag. The Signature style lettering is in 22kt gold on a textured chain with the outline star charm in sterling silver. Add the initials of all your beloveds.

Signature mini tag ($125) is a sweet, fine silver initial tag accented with a sparkling cubic zirconia. Personalize this necklace with your own special initials and charms. Whether you have one child or several, there is an initial for all of them!

Sweet Hearts Name charm necklace ($135). Sweet Heart tags are custom made of fine (.999) silver and inscribed by hand on the front and back. A brushed matte finish gives it a unique look. Like the kids who hold your heart, these heart-shaped charms represent your special love for them. Add a gold heart stone to capture her heart.

Camilla necklace ($335). This beautiful charm necklace features 3 pieces: the “Mama, Bebe, Amor” tag – the Portuguese words for mommy, baby, love; medium-sized, hand-written name disc accented with cubic zirconias (back can be personalized as well); and tiny heart tag with a 22kt gold heart, big enough for initials or 3 letters. Accented with ruby stones or your choice of stone.

Christina necklace ($385). This beautiful charm necklace features 3 pieces: round tag with the word “Love” in 22kt gold (this piece is double-sided, the front and back are mirror images); “Fleur de Lis” tag accented with 22kt gold (personalize the back with your message, it can fit up to three lines of text, 9 letters per line); and deluxe birthstone “Mini” (you can choose your “Mini” initial and birthstone, accented with 22kt gold).

Love locket ($285). This piece is gorgeous and sure to garner lots of attention. Hanging off a 14kt gold-filled doubled chain you’ll find a handmade (.999) fine silver “locket” style pendant that can be customized with your special message. The heart on the front of the pendant is painted with 22kt gold and inside you’ll find cubic zirconia accents. Make it uniquely yours by adding your own personalized message.

Hammered Initials necklace ($36) is a new, edgy way to show off the ones you love. For moms who have an extra flare the hammered look is handmade and adds a distressed effect. Great alone or layer with baubles or stones.

Vermeil Minis ($55). With a super high polish finish, they make for a sweetly sophisticated look. They look great layered or several worn together. Work in your favorite stones for a dash of color. This piece is a favorite of Victoria Beckham’s.

Date Heart charm necklace ($95) is the perfect gift for the mom-to-be. This piece can feature baby’s due date and is made by hand of fine (.999) silver and 22kt gold. Fits up to 6 letters/numbers.

Bebe Mama Amor tag ($95). Portuguese for Baby, Mommy, Love. This piece is meant to symbolize the special bond between a Mom and her Baby.

For more information, please visit IsabelleGraceJewelry.com.

Press release provided by Hollywood Connections PR
Photo Credit: Hollywood Connections PR

Lavilin Foot Products for Summer

Lavilin, a line from Israel and an international innovator in the field of natural based, active cosmeceuticals, created by Dr. Hlavin, is imported to Canada by Hersko Co. The brand has recently launched here in Canada, for the first time, Lavilin natural based foot care treatments for this summer. These foot treatments have been developed in a para-pharmaceutical level, which is one step above cosmeceuticals because of the level of active ingredients found within the products. Lavilin natural based foot treatments will make you get sandal ready in 7 days without the cost of the spa.

We’re moving into sandal ready weather and with that we all start to pay close attention to our little tootsies that have been wrapped up all winter long. Hoards of men and women invade salons, spas and local mani-pedi spots to beautify and polish their feet so they are sandal ready. But with Lavilin, there is no need to go to spa anymore.

Lavilin natural based foot treatments work within 7 days so you don’t have to spend time or money going to get a pedicure. Those with diabetes have to be careful not to expose themselves to potential infection, skin breaks, and other foot damage from pedicures; and for that reason these foot care solutions have also been clinically tested and certified for diabetics.

Lavilin natural based foot treatments are at home solutions for the problems of dry cracked foot skin. They soften feet without harmful side effects, stimulate healthy cell renewal and eliminate cracked, fissured skin.

Lavilin natural based foot care treatments are all based on Pine Sylvestris Extract, a natural therapeutic ingredient that helps to:

***Clean and revitalize the skin and inhibit the growth of bacteria;
***Treat foot ailments, cuts, irritation, itching and skin infections;
***Stimulate blood flow and consequently;
***Facilitate healing and recovery from various skin problems.

Lavilin natural based foot treatments have also the following effects:

***Remove and disinfect hard, dry skin;
***Hydrate and nourish the feet;
***Prevent the recurrence of foot skin irregularities with long-lasting results.

Lavilin natural based foot treatment line consists of:

Lavilin foot repair emulsion

Lavilin foot moisturizing gel

Lavilin foot softening cream

Lavilin foot deodorant cream, lasts up to 7 days

Lavilin shoe deodorant

Lavilin pure foot repair emulsion

Lavilin pure foot deodorant, lasts up to 72 hours

For more information, please visit Hersko.ca.

Press Release provided by: B Communications
Photo Credit: Hersko.ca

New Stuff on Fashionlab.ro

 New stuff in on Fashionlab.ro
Perfect for summer.
Colorful dresses, lace details and leather details and the best biker jacket for a cold summer night! Get them while they're hot! 
Unique designs, only one of each!

Creatii noi pe fashionlab.ro
Perfecte pentru vara. 
Rochii colorate, detalii dantelate si cea mai tare geaca de motor pentru serile friguroase de vara! 
Alege-ti preferata pana mai ai ocazie. 
Modelele sunt unicat, deci ai doar o sansa!

Cum sa faci cumparaturi de tip thrift shopping


Unul din segmentele modei mai putin exploatate de catre consumatorii de moda este thrift shopping-ul. Cu siguranta, nu toti au rabdare sa caute comori ascunse intr-un thrift store; dar pe de alta parte, stiu ca sunt destul de multi amatori ai acestui tip de shopping, tocmai datorita comorilor pe care le poti gasi intr-o sedinta de thrift shopping – acea rochie unica, pe care n-ai s-o mai vezi in niciun magazin si la nimeni altcineva pe strada; acel sacou vintage de un model deosebit, acea fusta cu imprimeu floral care ti-a luat ochii, si asa mai departe.

In Toronto sunt multe magazine “thrift stores”, dar cele mai mari si mai populare dintre ele sunt cele din lantul Value Village, un lant de magazine thrift din SUA si Canada.

Sa mergi la cumparaturi de tip thrift shopping este fara indoiala un exercitiu de rabdare pentru oricine paseste pragul la Value Village (sau la orice alt thrift store). Daca nu ai o metoda bine pusa la punct, de cele mai multe ori vei pierde timpul de pomana acolo, nu iti va placea nimic si nu vei cumpara nimic, sau poate vei cumpara ceva doar de dragul de a nu pleca de acolo cu mana goala; iar data urmatoare te vei gandi de doua ori inainte sa mai mergi la Value Village.

Asta daca mergi la Value Village fara un plan bine prestabilit. Cu toate astea, thrift shopping-ul poate fi o experienta satisfacatoare si interesanta, daca stii cum sa o faci; si pentru asta ai nevoie de o metoda bine pusa la punct. Gandeste-te doar cate comori te asteapta acolo, trebuie doar sa stii cum sa le cauti.

***Inainte sa mergi la thrift shopping, trebuie sa stii ce anume vrei sa cumperi. Daca mergi la un thrift store fara sa stii ce cauti, si te gandesti ca “voi cumpara ce gasesc dragut pe acolo”, acel “ceva gragut” va ramane o necunoscuta pe care nu o vei gasi tocmai pentru ca e o necunoscuta – cum poti sa gasesti ceva, cand nici nu stii ce este acel ceva? Asadar, trebuie sa stii ce vrei sa cumperi, inainte sa mergi la thrift store, si pentru asta fa-ti planul de acasa – iti propui, de exemplu, sa cumperi rochii.

***La Value Village, dar si la alte thrift stores din Canada, hainele sunt aranjate si expuse intr-o anumita ordine, si nu haotic, ceea ce face cautarea comorilor mult mai usoara. Nu vezi mormane de haine aruncate intr-un colt sau pe o masa mare; iar daca vezi, nu acelea sunt punctele de interes ale magazinlului. Hainele la VV sunt de obicei aranjate pe rafturi pe categorii – rochii, bluze, fuste, sacouri, pantaloni, pantaloni scurti, denim, tricouri, geci, etc. Apoi, fiecare categorie este aranjata pe marimi – Small, Medium, Large, Extra-Large. Cateodata, hainele mai sunt aranjate si pe culori.

***Asadar, daca ti-ai propus sa cumperi rochii, mergi direct la raftul cu rochii, la marimea ta. Nu mai pierde timpul cu celelalte categorii (bluze, fuste, sacouri, etc.) daca nu ti-ai propus sa cumperi din acestea, ci mai bine concentreaza-te doar pe ceea ce ti-ai propus sa cumperi.

***Uita-te la fiecare rochie in parte, una dupa alta, cu rabdare. Acorda fiecarei rochii macar cateva secunde, ca sa poti sa-ti dai seama in cazul fiecareia daca este ceva care ti-ar placea sa cumperi. Pune in cosul de cumparaturi toate rochiile care ti-au placut, chiar daca se aduna mai multe decat ti-ai propus sa cumperi – asupra numarului final te vei decide ulterior. Asigura-te ca ai frunzarit toate rochiile de la marimea ta, ca ai avut ocazia sa le vezi pe toate, si ca le-ai selectat pe toate care ti-au facut cu ochiul.

***Ce constati acum? Dupa ce ai vazut toate rochiile, sa zicem ca ai ales 15 rochii pe care le-ai pus in cos. Probabil ca nu vrei sa le cumperi pe toate 15, ci ti-ai propus sa pleci acasa cu un numar mult mai mic de rochii, asa ca urmeaza o a doua selectie. Gaseste un colt mai retras al magazinului, unde nu e trafic mare si unde nu te va deranja nimeni in urmatorul sfert de ora, pentru a-ti face selectia finala. Un loc bun ar fi un raft mai retras unde sa poti agata umerasele cu cele 15 rochii pe care le-ai selectat.

***Cand gasesti locul potrivit, incepi selectia finala pentru rochii. Cel mai bine este sa alegi un numar de rochii egal cu numarul maxim de articole cu care poti sa intri la cabina de proba a magazinului, de exemplu 6. Asadar, din cele 15 rochii vei alege 6 preferate, cu care poti sa intri la cabina de proba si cu care eventual vei pleca acasa.

***Acum este timpul pentru o inspectie mai riguroasa, si uita-te cu atentie la fiecare articol din cele 15 pe care le-ai ales in prima faza. Renunta la rochiile la care descoperi defecte, au pete sau sunt prea uzate, si alege pe cele mai bune 6 dintre ele si care ti-au placut cel mai mult. Marfa de la magazinele de tip thrift store se spala si se curata inainte de a fi scoase la vanzare; dar unele piese, mai uzate, tot vor avea pete dupa procesul de curatare. Daca ti-a placut vreo haina pe care descoperi o pata, mai bine nu o cumperi. Odata ce pata aia n-a iesit in timpul procesului de curatare a magazinului, sansele ca acea pata sa dispara cand speli haina acasa sunt cu atat mai mici.

***Asadar, ai ales cele 6 piese pe care le vei lua la cabina de proba. Dar nici la celelalte nu renunta deocamdata. In cazul in care constati la cabina de proba ca nu toate cele 6 rochii iti vin bine, si in cazul in care te hotarasti sa cumperi mai putine din ele, dar vrei totusi mai multe rochii la sfarsitul sesiunii tale de shopping, te poti intoarce la cele 9 rochii mai tarziu. Pe cele 9 ar trebui fie sa le duci inapoi la raionul de rochii si sa le pui intr-un colt al raftului, toate impreuna, fie sa le lasi pe un alt raft al magazinului unde sa te poti intoarce ulterior daca vrei, dupa prima proba, cu conditia ca intre timp sa nu le gaseasca nimeni altcineva si sa nu le ia.

***Urmeaza cabina de proba. Probezi 6 rochii, dar constati de exemplu ca doar 4 din ele te prind bine cu adevarat, asa ca in final renunti la celelalte doua si le pastrezi pe cele 4 finaliste. Dar daca vrei sa pleci acasa cu mai multe rochii? Te intorci la raftul unde le-ai lasat pe celelalte 9, si daca intre timp nu le-a descoperit nimeni altcineva, ai ocazia sa te mai hotrarasti sa cumperi si altele.

In felul acesta, o tura de thrift shopping poate fi o experienta interesanta si placuta, si nu una care sa iti puna nervii la incercare. Ingredientele principale? Rabdare si un plan bine pus la punct.

Win a unique handpainted T-shirt

As I said , I am giving away a prize to cellebrate the 500 fans I got on my facebook page. 
So here it is: A unique B.A.D. style T-shirt, handpainted by myself of course. It fits size S-M (loose fit)
In order to be able to win it, you have to:
1. Like my facebook page
2. Follow my blog through bloglovin or  GFC
3. Leave a comment with your email and full name

The giveaway will end on 3rd of May, so you still have a whole week.
The winner will be picked at random by random.org.
Good luck!

Dupa cum va spuneam, pregatesc un concurs pentru ca am atins pragul de 500 de fani pe pagina mea de facebook, si vreau sa sarbatoresc cu voi.
Premiul este un tricou B.A.D. style unicat, pictat manual de mine, bineinteles. Se potriveste marimii S-M fiind un croi lejer.

Pentru a avea o sansa sa il castigati iata ce trebuie sa faceti:

1. Da dati like la pagina mea de facebook
2. Sa imi urmariti blogul prin bloglovin sau GFC
3. Lasati un comment aici cu numele si adresa de email.

Concursul se termina in 3 Mai, asa ca aveti o saptamana intreaga sa va inscrieti.
Castigatorul va fi ales  prin random.org

*open internationaly

Madeleine Stowe Wears Samira 13 Statement Necklace on an Episode on Revenge

Actress Madeleine Stowe wore Samira 13 Fine Jewelry on an episode of Revenge in Los Angeles on April 19th. The jewelry piece that Madeleine wore was a beautiful fresh water pearl statement necklace. The necklace is made from Tahitian fresh water pearls with multi chain tassel. It retails for $26,000 and is available by special order at Samira13.com and the Samira 13 boutique in Los Angeles.

Madeleine continues to be a huge fan and supporter of Samira’s; she was most recently featured on the cover of Parade Magazine and on the red carpet at the Paley Fest wearing pieces from the Samira 13 collection.

Madeleine Stowe

Press release provided by: Nancy Lucas PR
Photo Credit: Wire Images